Housekeeping is leaving some closed issues

Sonar version: 8.9
I noticed that housekeeping is only removing issues because the code is fixed. The ones that have CLOSED FIXED because code was removed or CLOSED REMOVED (the rules don’t exist anymore) are still appearing in Sonar instance. Is there any solution for that? Is that the expected behaviour?

Hey there.

Maybe you can provide some screenshots to illustrate the issue?

Keep in mind that per-project, housekeeping only takes place when a fresh analysis of the project has been launched and completed.

I’ll try to expose an example, not sure how to share a screenshot to illustrate it.
I have housekeeping to Delete closed issues after 30 days. Then I have a project A, the last analysis was launched 3 days ago. And I see that this project has Closed(fixed) issues that the last time updated was 3 months ago. When I check these Closed(Fixed) I notice that they are there. When I open the issue I notice that the code doesn’t exist anymore. So my question is, housekeeping is only removing Closed (fixed) because the code was fixed? Is that normal that this cases are still appearing? Similar thing happens with Closed(Removed) as i exposed previously.
Your answer pop-ups to me other question, housekeeping Delete closed issues afters, is trigger per project? So I create a code that generates an issue and then I fix it. So, the first analysis after 30 days will remove it?

Maybe you can share a screenshot of an issue changelog where there’s no entry from the last 30 days. Like below:

Keep in mind the date shown on the issue (before clicking into the changelog) is the creation date, not when the issue was last modified.

You were right, that was the point, I can see what you mentioned in the changelog. So now answered.

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