How to remove fixed issues from sonarUI

I have realized sonarQube shows issue status as fixed when the codebase which resulted in the analysis is no longer available.

Is there any possibility to remove these fixed issues from sonarUI as when I am doing an API call to fetch the issues, these fixed issues are coming along with open one’s and the number of issues is crossing 10k limit and am not able to fetch the relevant open issues through my api call. The total count of issues is still including these irrelevant issues count

Note: I have done a fresh analysis recently but still the closed(fixed) issues are still shown in UI…I want a way to get rid of the issues.

Hi Padma,

You can configure after how many days you want closed issues to be removed from your database. This is 30 days by default, as explained in our documentation on Housekeeping.

On the other hand, which is the API method you are calling? You may very well be able to filter out fixed issues, for example with the GET api/issues/search method, using the resolved parameter. This is documented on your SonarQube server: http(s)://<your_sonarqube_url>/web_api/api/issues

Does it help?


I have below setting as 24 hours.
I have done the analysis on jan 18th still the old fixed issues are shown in UI.