Issue key disappears from GET api/issues/search


This post to ask whether you know the cause of the following behaviour:

API Call on 16/09

On Sep 16th I called the GET api/issues/search to return the list of vulnerabilities in a given organization. This is the API call and returned 12 issue keys:$(my-org)&types=VULNERABILITY

API Call on 20/09

On Sep 20th, I called the same API but this time it returned only 10 issue keys.


Given the initial list of 12 issue keys and using this API call:$(my-org)&issues=$(issue_key)
The API is now missing retrieve 2 issue keys (that was retrieved on 16/09).

Any idea about the cause of this behaviour?

Thank you,

Hello @Enrico_Spada
and welcome to the SonarSource community!

As described with its documentation, SonarCloud will delete any closed issue after 30 days.
An issue might get closed because it was fixed in the code or because a new analyzer deployed with SonarCloud fixed it for you (false positive issue resolved).

Would your two vulnerabilities fall in either categories? What were the languages they were raised on?