Some Issues Found by Search But Not Displayed in UI and API Response

Sometimes searches return things like 0 of 2 shown but it doesn’t display the issues. Clicking Show More doesn’t do anything either.

  • To reproduce, search with the following criteria.…redacted&additionalFields=_all
    {"total":2,"p":1,"ps":100,"paging":{"pageIndex":1,"pageSize":100,"total":2},"effortTotal":60,"debtTotal":60,"issues":[],"components":[],"organizations":[],"rules":[{"key":"csharpsquid:S2068","name":"Hard-coded credentials are security-sensitive","lang":"cs","status":"READY","langName":"C#"}],"users":[{"login":"dennis-t…redacted…92","name":"Dennis T…redacted","avatar":"0c0d45f8b608134bfc4d68bdf2199787","active":true}],"languages":[{"key":"css","name":"CSS"},{"key":"plsql","name":"PL/SQL"},{"key":"scala","name":"Scala"},{"key":"cs","name":"C#"},{"key":"java","name":"Java"},{"key":"web","name":"HTML"},{"key":"jsp","name":"JSP"},{"key":"xml","name":"XML"},{"key":"flex","name":"Flex"},{"key":"vbnet","name":"VB.NET"},{"key":"swift","name":"Swift"},{"key":"c","name":"C"},{"key":"cpp","name":"C++"},{"key":"objc","name":"Objective-C"},{"key":"py","name":"Python"},{"key":"kotlin","name":"Kotlin"},{"key":"go","name":"Go"},{"key":"tsql","name":"T-SQL"},{"key":"apex","name":"Apex"},{"key":"js","name":"JavaScript"},{"key":"ts","name":"TypeScript"},{"key":"ruby","name":"Ruby"},{"key":"cobol","name":"COBOL"},{"key":"php","name":"PHP"},{"key":"abap","name":"ABAP"}],"facets":[]}
  • AFAIK there are no workarounds.

This has happened many times with different search criteria over a couple of years or more. Please assist. Thanks!

PS: I can provide the redacted portions above if needed.

@Lena, can you help with this please? Thanks!

@Marcin_Majewski, can you help with this please? If you don’t work with these kinds of issues, can you point me to someone who does? Thank you!

Hello, we are looking at your problem but so far we can’t reproduce it. This query response is similar to yours and works fine:

Could you please check if your query is still having the reported issue? If not, could you tell us if you did the query while the branch had an analysis processing ongoing?

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@Alexandre_Holzhey, thanks for looking into it!

I checked again and yes the issue is still occurring. I confirmed that no analysis is ongoing. I also checked in an incognito window and got the same result.

Would you be able to view this happening in my account if I (privately) send you the org name?

Thanks again!

Thanks for the information ! I was able to reproduce your issue using provided URL (prod environment).

We will investigate further. Meanwhile, could you tell me if you have this same problem in other branches, rules, projects, etc? If you detect the same issue with other parameters, basically?

Appreciate your help :slight_smile: I’ve sent you the un-redacted URLs by DM. Pasting the redacted versions here in case it helps others.…redacted

^ Here’s another rule. It only returns 4 out of 7 results.…redacted

The issue does not seem to occur in other branches. It returns all 6 ^ of the results.…redacted&s=FILE_LINE

Other weird behavior ^ in the affected branch. Only 77 out of 100 results returned.…redacted

When I remove &s=FILE_LINE from the previous URL, it returns 98 out of 100 ^ results.…redacted&p=2

When I add &p=2 (i.e., go to the second page) to the previous URL, it returns only 23 out of 100 ^ results.…redacted&s=FILE_LINE&p=2

When I add &s=FILE_LINE back to the previous URL, it returns 87 out of 100 ^ results.


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Hello , just to let you know i didn’t forgot about your issue. This is a quite complex one to reproduce/debug, but is on my TODO list and i plan to take a look this week.

If you have some news about it, feel free to share here. Otherwise i will assume that the state is the same. Thanks for your patience!

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Hi , could you please tell me if you still have this issue?