Problem displaying issues - Show more button doesn`t work -Wrong number of issues

Hello Team,

We are using Sonarqube 8.9.2 (build 46101) installed in Docker.
We migrated this year from an older version of Sonarqube.
Recently some of the user reported the following behaviour:

The scan for their project show 6 Blocker issues. They click on the Issue with Severity Blocker but nothing is displayed. It just shows 0 out of 6 issues. When clicking on Show More nothing is happening.
The same happens if we eliminate any filters. It shows that there are 411 issue but only 218 are displayed.

Screenshots attached. Can you please have a look and advise what we can do to solve this?

Thank you!

Hello Team ,

Can someone please help us?
We also noticed the following:

In the Languages section there are in reality 232 JAVA issues and 1 XML issue. However the total looks different 256 JAVA issues and 1 XML and 154 JavaScript and 2 CSS: Why there is this difference and how we can fix it? We have to mention we have checked the Sonar Scanner context with our other environment where the analysis is working and the context is the same.

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This has all the hallmarks of corrupted Elasticsearch indexes. I’m wondering if something is up with your data volume. Can you check that out?

Another thing to try would be spinning down your Docker instance and configuring a non-Docker instance to connect to the DB to see if it has the same wacky numbers.


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