Pagination trouble on SonarQube UI

  • versions used : 8.9.3 Community Edition
  • error observed : on many projects, when navigate to issues , there are some troubles.
    • first fact : On a project with 11 BUGS , the list displayed only 9 on 11
    • second fact: “Show more” action not able to display the eleventh
  • steps to reproduce : each times i consult the same project, and access issues page
  • potential workaround : no (reanalyse doesn’t change anything)

On others projects with more issues, first page list is full and next page added to list (on “Show more” button action) is less than 100 and following page is full. In the end, for example, 322 displayed on 331 indicated. Issues counter is wrong or issues walked away?
What’s wrong with my sonarqube installation? No error on logs.

No idea to solve this trouble.
Any help or suggestions here is appreciated please…



Welcome to the community!

This has the hallmarks of a corrupt Elasticsearch index. I suspect there’s something deeper going on, but to eliminate that, could you:

  • shut your server down
  • delete the $SONARQUBE_HOME/data/es7 directory
  • restart the server


And please do let us know if the error persists after that.


Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, no change after doing this.
After doing a reanalyze of the projects no change too.


Thanks for coming back to us. This needs a deeper look, and I’ve flagged it for more expert attention.