SonarQube showing different number in dashboard and issue list


I have a SonarQube instance running on Docker ( Community Edition - Version 10.4.1 (build 88267)) and it seems that the results shown in the new code dashboard is not matching the issues when you click it.
The following image is from my dashboard:

When I click the ‘11’ link I am redirected to the issues list and there are 79 issues, many of them as fixed but they are still showing. Which would be fine if we could filter them, but as you can see in the next screenshot the filters area show zero fixed issues, even though we can see them in the list.

Does anyone know if it is possible to fix that?


This page is populated from the Elasticsearch index, and it looks like yours has gone sideways. You should try forcing an ElasticSearch reindex.


Hi, thanks for the answer. I did the procedure, but now all my results disappeared. I still have the data in the dashboards:

But then if I click in the number of issues, I have no issues showing. And if I clear the filters, it says “No issues”. So, not even issues that are not “New Code” are found. Looks all results from all projects disappeared.

What could be the cause of this?


What you’re now seeing is a classic symptom of corrupt Elasticsearch indices. Can you force a reindex one more time, please?


Thanks a lot Ann, got really worried when all my results disappeared :sweat_smile: All working now, with the correct number of issues.

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