GitHub Cloud Enterprise with Managed Accounts


We have GitHub Cloud Enterprise with Managed accounts. We created a service account and I was able to login to SonarCloud using that particular account. However, when I try to import our organization I get a 404 Not-Found on the GitHub link.

Is this a permission issue or are managed accounts not supported in SonarCloud?

Would creating the organization manually make any difference?

Thank you.

Hey there.

Iā€™m not aware of any specific issues with managed accounts.

A 404 smells like there could be an issue with IP filtering. Can you check these docs (Manage your SonarCloud organization) specifically this point?

For GitHub users, we have added those addresses to our SonarCloud GitHub App, so they will be automatically applied if you have selected the ā€œEnable IP allow list configuration for installed GitHub Appsā€ option for your GitHub organization.