Cannot import organization from github cloud

  • ALM used
  • Error observed
    We were not able to find the requested organization
  • Steps to reproduce
    • click “Import an organization from GitHub”
    • choose account/organization
    • check repo and click install
    • wait until “We were not able to find the requested organization” error appears

We have recentally enabled and added IP allow list in GitHub enterprise settings, not sure if this is the cause, and how to remedate.

Hey there.

That sure sounds like the issue. Support this remains something we want to eventually tackle, but today can’t.

Hi there, we are also using GitHub Cloud and enabled IP Allow lists in our Enterprise and experiencing the same issue.

I’d like to know when this will be supported, as seen in GitHub’s documentation this a supported feature that a GitHub app can implement to manage the known IPs that the app will communicate on, so seems a foolish business decision to not support this and lose business instead.

We successfully make use of this feature with other tools like the Atlassian Jira App for GirtHub.

Hey there.

There’s no ETA to share at the moment. And, please keep our Community Guidelines in mind, especially this point:

  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas and product features, not people.