Full release notes for recent Sonarqube versions ?!


the release notes given in the announcements for the recent Sonarqube versions are not really helpful/practical, i.e.



Why not continue to use the old clear format ? , i.e.


Hey Gilbert.

Two points:

  1. The release notes are still “full”, but aren’t split into issue type by default. I suppose we could improve the URL to do this automatically, but you can also just click on the first column to sort.

  2. For a while we were using an old version of Jira where Release Notes (the one’s on our now-legacy and soon-to-be decommissioned server) were visible to unlicensed users. For whatever reason, this isn’t the case in Jira Cloud (and was a total surprise to us when we migrated). This is annoying because it’s just another display of otherwise visible information for public projects but… :man_shrugging:

We’re happy to take your feedback on what is less clear, especially since I believe we’ll soon be updating the links wherever we can find them to the new server.

I also just realized it might not default to list-view for you. Does it help?

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Hey Colin,

good catch!
thanks for the pointer, that’s MUCH better :slight_smile:
Now if i would also be able to see what’s coming with the next version(s) of a project,
i.e. Sonarqube 9.7.0 it would be sufficient.

But i can’t use project = Sonarqube AND fixVersion = 9.7.0 ORDER BY issuetype DESC
How to get the internal ids for the query ?

With the old Jira i had released / unreleased with the versions listed, guess there’s no
equivalent now ?


You should be able to filter by “Fix version”, like this. In that filter, you can see a split between released/unreleased versions.

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Thanks, you made my day :partying_face:

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