Alignment of Release Communication

Oh hai :wave:

I would like to - if i may - humbly ask for a retrospective view of the 10.4 release communication from your side, internally.

The postings about “10.4” currently dont list any release comms. Instead i already got an email about the release and references about a Sonarlint Update that corresponds to 10.4 and on the download page it is displayed as downloadable.

So actually, right now i am “drumming quite loudly” about the following: The forums here do not represent this info adequately. (at this moment in time, it might be in the pipeline already, no biggie)

Maybe you can streamline the process a bit so that everything that will go out in the future does so in the fine coordination i was used to?

just my 2 cents,


P.S.: My first goto-move is to visit Releases - Sonar Community and check for a release posting :person_shrugging:

P.P.S.: *cough * (only to prove my PS :innocent:)


Hi Daniel,

You’re right it’s not in sync.
If a new version is available your instance will show a hint.
Beside that i keep track of Sonarsource Jira, i.e.

It used to be better when Sonarsource used Jira on prem, one could create watches and vote …

and - also for Sonarlint for Eclipse

and WRT Sonarlint for IntelliJ


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Hey Daniel,

Thanks for actively monitoring the releases.
We’ve just announced the release on the community, with effectively a bit of delay with the official announcement on the web page.
The notification in the product should come soon.


Hi Chris, ty for the prompt reply. (and good to know!)

I just wanted to signal that this experienced inconsistency was noticed. I totally understand that there are multiple “moving parts” involved. Maybe it would help (you, internally, not me) to create a posteriori insights concerning orchestrating them.

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