Exact release dates for Sonarqube releases


For research purposes I am trying to obtain the exact release dates for the different Sonarqube versions.

Problem: I could retrieve 32 out of the 55 I am interested in. Mostly I cannot find the release dates of minor releases: as an example I cannot find the date for 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 whereas I could find the one for 5.1. Same for 5.6.1…7 whereas I could find the one for 5.6.

Any help would be very appreciated!

Hi @IncioMan,

on GitHub you will find the release dates of the technical releases. The announcement (aka actual release) of the release will happen a few days after.

I think you are interested in the “Historical Downloads” section of https://www.sonarqube.org/downloads/

Hi @Malena_Ebert,

thanks for the reply. I am interested in the actual release because I assume that from the technical release to the actual one, steps may be taken to test the quality of the release and issues may be opened on Jira. Am I right?

In my project I am looking at releases and issues on Jira and therefore knowing the exact day of release is important to distinguish issues opened before the actual release and after (hence customers having access to it and therefore issues opened before are definitely not reported by customers, whereas the ones after could be).

Thanks for the link, however it has the same limitations to the ones I have found: it does not state the release dates of minor releases such as 5.60, 5.6.1,… but only the LTS version 5.67. Do you know where I can retrieve this information? Or could you provide me that?

Huge thanks in advance :slight_smile:

That’s not really the case. The delay between the technical release and the actual announcement is often mainly about publishing marketing content, updating websites etc. As soon as a technical release is done, it’s “available” to users, even if not announced yet.

So if you are looking at technical release dates, GitHub tags & release are accurate. Otherwise, you are looking at marketing promotion and announcement, and in that case we have no history about that.