Release announcements for older versions !?


recently i noticed a bunch of edited release announcements for older versions of Sonarqube and Sonarlint.
The edit has changed release notes links because of the recent Jira change.

Does this make sense for older versions which are no longer supported !?
What is the reason for this ?
IMO this creates more confusion than it helps.


Hey there.

Where did you notice these?

Hey Colin,

meant these postings:

I use always LATEST


Hi Gilbert,

I see your point. And for us it does make sense:

  • we want to turn off the old Jira, which is being kept alive only for release note links at this point
  • we don’t want release note links to ever be 404

And for intermediary point versions, as in your screenshot, IMO it very much makes sense to have the release notes available; even if I don’t want you to install 8.9.3 at this point, I definitely want you to understand what was fixed in it and therefore what you’ll (cumulatively) get when you install the latest point version.


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