Release notes of SonarJS

Where can I find the release notes of SonarJS ? Before upgrading from SonarJS 6.2.1 to 6.2.2, I wanted to check what actually got changed.

All I find is on the github, which says:

Not sure what is SSF-122, tried to google and this is what it says:

Where can I find the detailed release notes, similar to this ?

Hello @ankurja,

SSF-122 is our internal reference to security issues detected in SonarSource products. We don’t reveal the content of security issues before the fix is available, to avoid the issues being exploited. I updated the release notes with the description of vulnerability now.

To see the release notes you can find the closed tickets in the github milestones, for this release it’s available here (it contains only single ticket which is backporting the fix from latest version to the 6.2 branch)

Thanks, this helps. Does this also mean the detailed release notes that we used to see with hyperlinks pointing to SonarSource JIRA are things of the past now ? I can still see them for Java plugin but not for CSS or JS plugins. Looks like release notes are being moved over to GitHub now and eventually it will be done for Java plugin too.

We use github issues instead for JIRA for some of the plugins, but so far there is no strong preference for one tool or the other. I don’t think we are going to move Java anytime soon.

Can I ask you what is missing for you in CSS and JS release notes? To me both tools provide more/less same information, so I would be curious to understand what’s missing.

It’s the level of detail about the changes made. In Jira release notes format, there was always a hyperlink which would provide more details. I do not see that in GitHub release notes.

Java release notes v6.9:

JS release notes v6.4: