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How can I figure out which version of SonarQube is currently live at Is there any release notes maintained for or at least a mapping of which version of SonarQube has been deployed when?

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SonarQube ≠ SonarCloud! While they share the same underlying static analysis engine, they are different products with different lifecycles and even separate codebases. Cleaning up any lingering references to a specific version of SonarQube (like in the scanner logs) is a WIP.

You shouldn’t expect to find a list of release notes with specific tickets like you can for SonarQube, but you should be able to see What’s new on SonarCloud here:


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How to derive from certain tickets (e.g. whether they are fixed in SonarCloud or not? Is there any particular Label/FixVersion/… you use to track that?

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Hello there,
any news / planned work reagarding this? It is really important to have some release notes and information about what version we do use on SonarCloud…

Example granted: all our pipelines started to fail with http 401 error while initialization of the sonarCloud analysis. We have re-generated the API token…not helped. We are using Azure DevOps sonarCloud extension: not updated. So I would like to double check the API and authorization on has not changed…