Cannot change creditcard fo my account

Hello, I’ve been trying to change my creditcard in the billing area. I enter my new creditcard details but get a gray screen with an error message “ refused to connect”. Can you please help me with this?


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Do you see any more detailed error if you open your browser developer console, under the console or network tab ?

It seems like you are getting this error when our payment provider tries to show you the 3DSecure challenge. We will see if we can do anything with the error logs you provide but since this 3DSecure screen is implemented by your bank you might have to contact them.

Hi Gregoire, I checked the underlying errormessage; but see that it has to do with prevention of cross-site scripting from the Rabobank. It doesn’t support the current method (with a lightbox) that Sonarcloud currently uses. The errormessage contains this: "Refused to display '’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’. I deleted the content after the question mark for security/privacy reasons in this post.

Looking forward to hear from you shortly.


Thanks for the information.
This lightbox comes from our payment provider Braintree, so it’s seems like your bank is not compatible with it. We will need to check with them to be able to fix the issue.

In the mean time you should try to use a card from a different bank if possible.

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