Sonarcloud Support - Unable to support due to general billing issue using multiple channels, credit cards

In an attempt to maybe find someone at sonar cloud to respond - posted this after several failed attempts to contact - no pun intended, but this should be a lot better/easier:

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Dear Sonarcloud team,

as I had indicated yesterday (AMS) - our development team had to disable sonar cloud altogether in order to continue to work - While we can with certainty ensure that (several different) credit cards we use for this work fine and the transaction goes through our bank(s), the transactions appears declines by your system.

We had tried to contact you through the online form and email without response.

Kindly assist in resolving this situation - I understand that you have processes and maybe don’t see this as an issue - we (your customer) - see this as an issue that could be resolved through simple and easy actions and communication.

I trust you see it in the same way - in the future.



Hello Bjoern,

Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the delayed reply. I understand you already managed to find a solution on your end.

Let us know if we can assist further in any way.

Best regards,