Binding SonarQube to SolarLint (automatically)

Our project is hoping to use SolarLint to improve code quality. All good so far. We’re hoping to set this up automatically rather than having developers install it themselves, as getting developers to do it themselves means that some won’t bother. We’re also hoping to integrate with our SonarQube server so that we can avail on the rules stored there - one or two of the rules have been modified.

So I know how to bind SolarLint to SonarQube locally, but I’m just wondering, where is that binding stored?

I’m also wondering, given that I can’t find any information on this, if it’s possible to perform this step automatically as part of running a script to set up a development environment, say. I appreciate that credentials are required to bind the two together, but surely it’s conceivable that a generated token could be read in from somewhere to achieve this.

Any pointers welcome.


Check this thread:

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