SonarQube Server And SonarLint configuration through another Eclipse plugin




I am creating an Eclipse plugin which will help my fellow developers create our proprietary project types in Eclipse. After my plugin successfully creates the project(s) , I want to configure SonarLint so that the developers can start using it immediately instead of having to configure it themselves.
My configuration worksflow will be as follows:

  1. Create and complete our proprietary Java project type in the Eclipse
  2. Install SonarLint in the Eclipse
  3. Bind SonarQube/SonarLint by providing the appropriate URL, username, password. We basically already have SonarQube/SonarCloud project. I want to bind this cloud project to local workspace project

Do you provide APIs to perform steps 2 and 3 ? I don’t see 2) being big deal because I can force developers to install SonarLint even before they can start using my plugin. Step 3) is really where I am stuck right now.

(Julien Henry) #2

Hi @vishalkhobare

I have no experience with it, but it seems OOMPH is the official Eclipse solution for such scenario. You can search this forum, I remember some users exchanging about that.



Thank you