I have 3 accounts with the same credit card attached; but one of my accounts has been suspended due to collection from the credit card. I tried to update the card (and tried with a different card as well). I get the following error for both cards but, the error card works in the other accounts.

An error occured with your 3D Secure authentication. Please try again or use a different credit card.

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I’m not sure I understand your request correctly. Anyway, I have some ideas that may help.

Although it should be rare, there may be connectivity issues with our payment provider. These should be short-lived, and a retry a bit later should work.

If your organization got suspended because of an issue with a credit card, you need to contact your bank to investigate the problem, understand why your payment was declined, and get confirmation that future payments will work. And then you can reenter the same credit card information.

If you experience the same problem with a second credit card, again you need to follow the same procedure: wait and try again, and if the problem still persists then contact your bank.

If you experience the same problem with a third card, then maybe something’s wrong at our side :slight_smile: Please let me know if that’s the case, or if your bank has confirmed that everything should be in order, but it’s still not working. Then I will open a private thread to locate your organization and to investigate deeper at our side.

Please let me know!


Hi Janos;

I think it was a problem with the payment vendor; a day after I tried the cards and it worked.



yes. i faced similar issue today, will try payment again tomorrow.

I always got the same issue. I am using a business card of BBVA bank. I guess is due to 3D Secure authentication (a VISA technology) but I wonder if there is another option payment (like paypal or something like that)?