Any 3DS card payment throw error before verification itself


I want to try Paid plan for the private git repo but can’t get through the payment process. 3DS card verification will throw this error before opening verification popup itself. I tried multiple VISAs, MasterCards, and even DinersClub cards, every payment failed before 3DS verification even start.


In Europe is 3DS mandatory so we can’t use non3DS cards.

Could you please take a look at this as we really need services like yours to finish one contract asap :).


Hello @Mattin and welcome to our Community!

We have some updates to 3DS validation about to be deployed soon (ASAP, actually). They target some specifications form our payment gateway, so this probably could fix your issue. It is possible to you to wait a bit? I will update here when it is published.

Meanwhile, it is possible for you to contact your bank in order to check for failures processing your credit cards?

Hi @Alexandre_Holzhey,

I just successfully upgrade to paid plan. I switched latest Edge browser to Chrome, maybe that was the problem? :man_facepalming: (microsoft)

Good news then! We also have that updates i told you deployed this morning, but this case is difficult since previously (from this deployment) some validations happened only at your browser, so we do not have any information at all about the failing validations.