What does mean that a rule is active or inactive?


I’m trying to check the execution of SQ analysis using an specific Quality Profile called “testing”. To activate all the possible rules I’m using “Bulk Change” over that QP:


After applying it seems that no rule has been activated:


If I check the QP I can see that:


It seems like there are some rules that are inactive and cannot be changed to active.
Do you know how can I change this?


I just ran my own test of this & had 5 rules that didn’t get activated. So I used the interface to get a list of them (from your Rule Profile detail page, click on the count of inactive rules). And I see they’re all Rule Templates, which can’t be activated in a profile because they’re more like cookie cutters - allowing you to create your own rules - than rules. To “activate” a rule template, you have to create a rule from it. And then that rule can be activated.

Does that make sense?



I didn’t know that they were templates, I thought they were rules like the other ones.

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