Rules are not active for the quality profile

we Upgraded SonarQube LTS7.9 to LTS8.9.
we saw the difference between Quality profiles - most of the c# rules are not showing active for the default profile.
In the “Quality Profiles” tab I see the built-in profiles (“Sonar way”), and the number of rules (e.g. 260 for C#) is listed. However when I click on the rules, the active list only has 25 rules, and all other rules are inactive. Since it is a built-in profile, I cannot activate the rules. During scanning of code, the inactive rules are not applied.


Here’s what I see in Next our internal production/dogfooding instance:

It sounds like your Elasticsearch index might be corrupt. Can you

  • stop SonarQube
  • delete $SONARQUBE-HOME/data/es7
  • restart SonarQube

And see if that fixes it?