User onboarding with Bitbucket workspace in SonarCloud

I have some doubts regarding the members on-boarding in SonarCloud organization. Suppose i have 50 members in my Bitbucket workspace and i am integrating my SonarCloud organization with this workspace.

  1. Do i need to manually create SonarCloud account for each 50 members in order to add them in SonarCloud organization?
  2. Do i need to manually add each member in my SonarCloud organization if they have SonarCloud account ?

Is there any automatic way to add each member of Bitbucket workspace in SonarCloud organization.


As your users login to SonarCloud for the first time, you can add them to your organization. This remains a manual process – but we want to improve this in the future. You can vote for this roadmap item, Onboarding of larger teams.

Thanks for clarification @Colin
Suppose few members of Bitbucket cloud they didn’t login to SonarCloud. Are they able to generate Pull Request Decoration in such case, assuming repository is already been setup with SonarCloud.

Yes. If they raise a pull request and the CI (like Bitbucket Pipelines or Jenkins) runs the SonarCloud analysis during the build, it won’t matter if they have logged into SonarCloud or not. However, they will only be able to see the results in the PR, not in SonarCloud, until they have logged in and been added to the organization.

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