Can't assign an issue to a bitbucket user


i cant assign an issue like a code smell to a developer, even though sonarcloud is bound to bitbucket.

Bitbucket says 2 members, Sonarcloud says i am alone :smiley:


Did the developer log in to SonarCloud at least once? Is he/she a member of the project/organization?

Yes, he did. And he says, bitbucket is connected
And yes, within bitbucket, he’s a member in the repository.

but if i try to assign a code smell or similar, i cant find him in the list

Adrian, have you added this other developer to the SonarCloud organization the project belongs to?

Hi Fabrice,

I don’t know how to make it because I can’t find him.

When you are on the “Members” page of the organization and you click on “Add a member” button, you can’t find him? If he signed up on the service, you should be able to find him (try typing his Bitbucket Cloud login).

Yeah, I found him now Fabrice, thanks a lot. You’re the man!


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