Members -> Add a Member doesn't show the right people

My Sonar Cloud organization is bound to my company’s Bitbucket account, but I can’t add anybody from my Bitbucket account to Sonar Cloud. In fact, it shows me a list of people I’ve never heard of before. They are not any people in my organization - I have no idea who these people are.

What’s going on here?

Hi Chris,

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Do the members you are looking for already have an account on SonarCloud? This is a pre-requisite to find them and to add them in your SonarCloud organization.

The people you see in the Search drop down are all the users on SonarCloud.

Hope that helps,


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That was it, thanks! I was making an incorrect assumption that by connecting to BitBucket, Sonar would pull in the team members from my repository.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: Note that this is something that we would like to do in the short future, stay tuned!