Need help onboarding users and enabling SonarCloud PR widgets

  • ALM used - Bitbucket Cloud
  • CI system used - Bitbucket Cloud

Background -

  1. I was able to integrate SonarCloud with my organizations’s Bitbucket cloud successfully
  2. For some repos, I was able to get the Sonarqube scans working as expected too upon PR creation.
  3. Personally, I am able to see SonarCloud Quality Gate metrics on the Bitbucket PR and the Bitbucket Repo pages as expected
  4. I have a co-worker who signed up to SonarCloud using their Bitbucket ID.
  5. I added them to my SonarCloud organization successfully
  6. However, when they visit the PR page or the Repository home page, my co-worker does NOT see the “SonarCloud’s Quality Gate” metrics >>> THIS IS THE PROBLEM I NEED HELP SOLVING.

In relation to this, is there documentation that you could point me to about -

  1. How to have the SonarCloud widget show up in Bitbucket PR page and the home page for all user’s of bitbucket organization (whether they are signed up to SonarCloud or not)?
    (If SonarCloud membership is a pre-requisite to show the Quality Gate metrics in the PR, that is okay too. But taking this route did not solve my problem stated above)

  2. As a admin in both Bitbucket and SonarCloud, is there a way to invite all the members from my bitbucket cloud into SonarCloud?

Need help in how to fix this, before I invite more team members to this ecosystem.

Please help.


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And welcome to the community forum!

  1. If your Bitbucket user have access to the home page they should see the widget, there is no need for them to be connected on SonarCloud.

  2. There is currently no automatic way to import all Bitbucket users into SonarCloud, you need to have them create accounts on SonarCloud and then invite them into your organization from the “members” page.

Regarding your issue of having users not seeing the widget, they don’t see both widgets on the home page and on the PR page ? Or only in the PR page ?
We are aware of an existing issue with ad blockers, it seems like in some Bitbucket pages our widget gets hidden by ad blockers. So I suggest to tell your user to completely disable ad blockers for Bitbucket. I hope this helps, feel free to come to me if the ad block trick doesn’t solve your issue.

You were right, the ad blocker seems to have blocked my co-worker’s widget. Thank you.