Upgrading sonarqube 6.1 to latest LTS version

Hi All ,
I am currently using sonarqube 6.1 and want to upgrade it to latest lts version i.e. 7. 9 .
Also I want to update the sql server version to 2017 .
Can you please provide the complete guide for both the upgrades, can these two upgrades go on parallely or I should try one after another ?


Hey Rehan.

Not much help we can give to upgrade your database platform – you should take that up with Microsoft!

For SonarQube, keep our Upgrade Guide in mind. You’ll need to upgrade to v6.7 LTS first and then v7.9 LTS.

Since you’re making such a big leap, don’t forget to look at the old Upgrade Notes for 6.1 through 6.7

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Hi Colin ,
Can I not upgrade to latest LTS directly ?

You need to stop at intermediate LTS releases. So first, 6.7.7. And then you can upgrade to 7.9.3.

Hi Colin ,
I have installed the lts version 6.7.7 on the server after uninstalling the previous version (6.1) . Can I now install lts ver 7.9 without running all analysis on ver 6.7 or I need to run the analysis also for all the projects in lts 6.7 before moving to 7.9 ?
Looking forward for your response .


A strict reading of the Upgrade Guide says you should, but usually you can just make the next hop to v7.9 LTS. Make sure you take a backup now that you’ve arrived at v6.7 LTS!

Thanks Colin !
By backup you mean backup of db right ?
I am also upgrading the ms sql db to use sql2017 instance earlier I had sql2012 .
We have backup of sql2012 db .


HI Colin ,
Can you please guide me on “CERT_HAS_EXPIRED” issue .
I got this issue when tried running an analysis through azure build pipeline .
Please see the post below