Upgrade LTS to latest non-LTS?

Didn’t find needed information so asking here.
Is that possible to upgrade SonarQube 7.9.4 LTS to latest non-LTS version? Such an old LTS is missing some rules we need currently.
Is this upgrade way supported? If yes, is there any manual entries?
There are definitely changed minimal supported versions, so I need to analyze it before starting.

Thank everyone for answers in advance!

Hi @Illia_Istomin ,

SonarQube has 2 release cycles:

  • LTS one (current is 7.9, next one should come in a couple of months)
  • “Latest” release (currently is 8.6 and should 8.7 be released in a couple of days)

You will be supported if you run either the current LTS or the latest release.
You can upgrade from 7.9 LTS to 8.6 or 8.7 when released directly, without needing to upgrade to each intermediary version.
You will find the upgrade path described here: Upgrade the Server | SonarQube Docs
You will find the latest version .zip here: Download | SonarQube


Hi @Carine_Bayon , thank you very much for detailed answer!
Topic/question is clear, so may be closed, if needed.

Have a good day!

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