Upgrade SonarQube from 7.9.1 to 9.9 LTS

Hi there
I am starting this work and I need some help.

Current release of sonarqube in my system is 7.9.1-1 and we need to update it to latest one 9.9 LTS.

Should I try to upgrade it directly or do we have some major releases in between those releases?

Appreciate any information
Jose Flores

Hi Jose,

Welcome to the community!

Your upgrade path is:

7.9.1 → 8.9.10 → 9.9

You may find the Upgrade Guide and the LTS-to-LTS Upgrade Notes for 7.9 to 8.9, as well as the LTS to LTS release upgrade notes for 8.9 to 9.9 helpful. If you have questions about upgrading, feel free to open a new thread for that here.


Hi, this is really helpfull.
Thank you for the quick answer.

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