Upgrade SQ and OS at same time?

Your generic SQ upgrade instructions (which we’ve successfully done before) are straightforward:

  1. Install new version
  2. Copy configs
  3. Stop old SQ server and start new one

If we want to upgrade both SQ and the OS at the same time (to a newer version of Windows Server, on a new VM), while continuing to use the same external DB, I’m assuming the procedure would be:

  1. Set up new VM with new Windows
  2. Install new SQ on the new VM
  3. Copy configs from old SQ as needed, e.g., DB info
  4. Shut down old SQ
  5. Back up the DB, natch
  6. Fire up new SQ

Has anyone encountered any gotchas with this? Would it make sense to upgrade SQ on the old VM first, then set up a fresh SQ on the new VM? Or would that just be overkill?

Hey @MisterPi,

We did something similar sometime back, but our database was also running on the same server where we had our SonarQube. So, as part of the upgrade we upgraded the OS, Database and SonarQube(JDK as well).

I don’t remember exactly why we chose this path(I think at that time we thought this would be the safest),
Once we had set up the new VM, we moved the database backup to this new server and installed the SAME version of the sonarqube that we had in the older machine. Verified the connections with our other tools and everything else was working fine, then we performed an upgrade to the newer version of the Sonarqube.

While setting up this in a new server, you’ll have to look into setting up the IIS site as well. We faced some issues there. Apart from that, we did not encounter any issues.



Ah, so you also did it in two steps. But you did it in the opposite order: change VM (same SQ), THEN change SQ. Rather than change SQ (same VM) then change VM.

Yeah, upgrading JDK makes sense. Probably should do node.js too…

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