Are there clear step-by-step instructions on how to Upgrade SonarQube on Azure?

  • We are currently running 7.9 and we want to upgrade to 9.9
  • System information (Linux 7.9, Java version - 11, Database - PostgreSQL, PAS, version 10)
  • I find the instruction about the upgrade not detailed enough for me to perform the procedure, so I would appreciate some kind of step-by-step guide in a layman’s terms


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Sorry, but we feel that what we’ve already provided is clear and detailed, so you’ll need to be specific about what parts aren’t making sense to you.


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Thank you, Ann for the quick reply.
Ok, good point about specifics.
Let’s start with this one.
What would be the general upgrade sequence, plan?
Upgrade SonarQube app first, or the PostgreSQL database first?
What is a recommendation of data preservation? Backup database and then restore it into the new version?
Those just the questions which come to my mind right away.
As I have mentioned in my post, a step by step instruction would be very helpful, at least for they folks like me.
Thank you in advance for your help!


I’d concur. The upgrade information is not at all clear.

Perhaps if I’d been the person to originally install SQ this would be ok, but from what I can see there is a zipped folder to be extracted, but after that I’m not sure wgat yo do.

Tbh, I was expecting some sort of installer/msi.

Every other commercial product we pay for has a decent gui installer.


Hi @igorstern,

Well, when your target SonarQube version only supports a higher DB version than you’re running, you’d have to upgrade the DB first. Otherwise it’s entirely independent.

I suspect “data preservation” has a specific meaning I’m not aware of…?

Because we’re pretty clear that you should back up your DB before you do the upgrade:

Ehm… The backup is a failsafe in case you want to revert to your previous SonarQube version. Otherwise, you just point the new SonarQube version at your DB, spin it up and then trigger it to do its own schema upgrade. And that last part is why you want a DB backup: upgraded schemas aren’t backward compatible to previous SonarQube versions.

Is this not step-by-step enough?

Is the problem that you have to click the expander to see those steps and you overlooked that?

@tombridges, out of curiosity, how many of the commercial products you pay for are Java-based? Java apps typically don’t need installers because they just work. Cross-platform. :sunglasses:

It really is as simple as the steps in my screenshot above. (Simpler if you aren’t using 3rd party plugins. Then you can skip step 2.)


Thank you Ann for trying to help!
From your clarifications I surmised that database does not contain any data, but only schemas.
Because you indicated that the backup is just a failsafe.
Is it a correct assumption?
Do you have any detailed component diagram of SQ architecture related to my case (to repeat it is a Server with the Linux OS with Docker container and the Azure PAS PostgreSQL database.
Also, about zip install.
It looks like it is related more to to Windows OS, or it will work on Linux?
If so (works on Linux) what does it mean stop old SQ server and start new one.
Should I create another server?
The zip install talks about directories for new and old, but we have a Docker container.
I don’t think it would imply to us.
What do you think?
I have more questions, and would appreciate a possibility connect with you directly to clarify, if it is possible.
Thank you for your continued support, Ann


Ehm. No.

Yes. That’s why people make backups. As failsafes. In case something unexpected happens and they need to restore a previous state.

There’s a diagram in the docs.

SonarQube runs on Java, so it will run anywhere Java will.

Then you should take a look at the Docker upgrade steps


I don’t think so… steps 4 & 5. What does this mean?

Currently, we have SonarQube 9.2.4 that runs up as a Windows Service… there’s nothing in here about deleting and creating a new service to use the updated software.

What exactly am I missing?


The docs do address SonarQube as Linux or Windows Service.

Well in a zip context, by the time you get to step 4, you have 2 SonarQube directories, theoretically side by side, one for the old version and one for the new. To switch from one to the other you turn off the old one and turn on the new one. I’m not sure how to be more explicit than that.

But since you’ve said you’re running on Docker, it doesn’t look like you have a step 5. Have you read the upgrade guide? It might be helpful.


Tom, are you reading my mind about steps 4 and 5?