Upgrade SonarQube and Database


(Hugo) #1

I am working with SonarQube Community Edition and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

I want to upgrade it to the latest available SonarQube (7.2.1 Community Edition) and MS SQL Server 2016.

Has I’ve been told I have to update my SonarQube according to this path: 6.4 -> 6.7.x -> 7.2.1.

What about the upgrade for the whole package: SQL Server + SonarQube?
Is there an upgrade documentation?

(G Ann Campbell) #2


Upgrading the DB engine itself is outside the scope of the SonarQube Community / Documentation / etc. If you’re asking about upgrading the schema SonarQube uses within the database, you don’t need to worry about it; SonarQube will take care of that itself. Just make sure you follow the upgrade guide: https://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SONAR/Upgrading.


(Hugo) #3

SO lets say I upgrade my database and my SonarQube. After that I should get an updated sonnarqube with all the initial data right?

(G Ann Campbell) #4


If by “initial data” you mean all of the projects and issues you had before upgrade, then yes.