Update 6.7.x to 7.9: what happened to the global "New Issues" notification?


we recently updated from the previous LTS (6.7.x) to the current LTS (7.9.x). I have to monitor the quality of all of our projects and I’m particularly interested in how many new issues arise each day (and in which areas and by whom these are introduced). Each night we run an analysis on each of our projects that feeds SonarQube. In 6.7.x there was a global notification “New Issues”. Which means I had an email in the morning from SonarQube for every project where new issues have been found. I no longer get such an email. So I checked my notification settings in 7.9 and noticed to my surprise that the “New Issues” notification is gone. Apparently it now only exists on a per-project setting. Does that mean I now have to enable this notification manually for every project individually? And I have to notice when a new project is added to SonarQube and remember to set the notification for that project as well?
If that’s true, this feels like a strange move. I understand that this change can make sense for a cloud solution, but not so much for a local installation.
Am I missing something? Is there a new way to achieve this?


Hi Markus,

In 7.8 when we reworked the notification algorithm, we dropped that notification because it seemed spammy and of little utility: people in big instances will never want notifications of all new issues and people in small instances can subscribe per-project without onerous effort.

Regarding this part:

This sounds to my ears a bit like a top-down management, rather than what we encourage with SonarQube, which is personal responsibility. As you know, new issues are automatically assigned to their creators. Those developers can (should?) be subscribed to “My new issues” notifications which would alert them to get on the ball and address any new issues while the underlying code is still fresh for them.

If you’re worried about releasing bad code without this external monitoring, well that’s what Quality Gates are for. Set up your Quality Gate to reflect your standards (presumably 0 new issues?) and then block the release if the project fails the Quality Gate. This takes guts and/or organizational buy-in, but every stakeholder knows immediately when she loads the project homepage whether or not the project is releasable. If it’s not, each developer should know it’s time to clean up his… poo.

And by the way, you can still subscribe globally to ‘New quality gate status’ notifications.


We opened a reader Service e-mail account on sonarqube. Overall new issues e-mail messages were coming into this user’s inbox. In this way, we were processing this information in our own quality assurance automation. So it is an assumption to think that a real person is following this new global issue notifications.

I wish you all healthy and happy days.