Alternative to overall subscriptions on notifications "new Issues" SONAR-11752

I’m a bit slow to update but I finally did and I miss the new issues notification feature removed in SONAR-11752. My use case is that I’m the head of software development at my company (around 50 developers) but also a former developer. We run all projects through sonar as part of our CI process. We currently have around 150 different projects in different states of activity. While code reviews and in IDE analysis does catch a good deal now, I still like to give a quick glance at what sonar’s flagging as people merge to master so that I can follow up with teams if needed. For now I’ve subscribed to notifications directly on all the projects but my fear is that new projects get added I may not remember to add them individually. Is there a better way I should be doing this kind of high level review? Thanks - Sam

Hi Sam,

Since you’re looking for a way to monitor all new issues across all projects, then why not use the Creation Date filter on the overall Issues page?


That’s a good idea. I’ll setup a cron job to email myself the summary of the new issues for each day so that I don’t forget to look them over. Thanks - Sam