SonarQube Notification Glitch


SonarQube Notification feature is not working accordingly with my requirement and am not getting any notification after the subscription, I have activated all the notification options.

SonarQube Version: 7.9.3 LTS Community

Observations:-> I have tested the SMTP it’s working Fine.
->For some colleagues it’s working partially sometimes they receive the notification and sometimes they don’t.
Note: There’s always new Issues/Updates

Can you please explain how this Notification feature actually works and how can I get the notifications in a systematic matter without any temporary malfunction.

Please let me know if any additional information is required.


Hi Sheetal,

What are your subscriptions? (i.e. what’s checked?) And when are you expecting a notification but not getting one?


Hi Ann,

I have Subscribed for all notifications, but to be Specific my main intend is to get the New Issues and New quality gate status

Am Expecting a notification whenever there’s a new issue encounter but unfortunately am not getting it.