Problems with notifications in multibranch project

Good morning,

Our Sonarqube instance has the 9.9 LTS installed.We are testing Sonar notifications for a specific project that has two branches analyzing (Master and a secondary one).

We have enabled ALL notifications as per screenshot below:


The problem is that we are not receiving notifications the main branch (master) when, for example,a new issues occur, while we receive them for the secondary branch at all intances.

For example, an analysis was performed on 11/21/23 when in New Code, 2 new maintainability issues were detected. However, no new notification was received. The detail of new issues detected by date, these appear as new on 11/20/23:

What could be the reason why the notifications did not get sent out or why did we not receive it? We do not understand why if the analysis indicates 2 new issues, the notification was not sent on 11/21/23.

Your help with this error is very appreciated.

Best Regards


When does your New Code definition start? Is it before 20 Nov?

Is there anything relevant-seeming in your server logs?

And can you check your sendmail logs to make sure nothing got stopped there?


Hi Ann!

The new code period started on 11/15/23, the previous analysis.

In relation with log information, i’ve found some information in ce.log:

The mailNotificationPostTask is SUCCESS, but in “Send issue notifications line” all values are = 0.

In the project Measures there was 2 New Code Smells. Sonar should have sent the notification in my opinion.



Thanks for checking the logs. Going back to your OP,

Just to double-check, the main/master branch is the one you see by default when you open the project in SonarQube? I.e. SonarQube treats it (regardless of name) as the main branch?


Hi Ann,

that is true. We have the master branch as the main branch in all projects and it is the one that is initially displayed when we open said project.

Sometimes it works fine but on some occasions the event explained in my initial comment happens.



Thanks for the confirmation. I’ve flagged this for more expert eyes.


Hi Antonio,

It looks like the problem you’re describing could happen when an issue is copied from another branch or pull request.
Could you please look into the changelog of one of those issues that didn’t trigger a mail notification and copy the content here? You can find it in the issue details, by clicking on the date of the issue.


Hi Eric,

next, the changelog that you have requested of me. They have changed the status to fixed. The changelog doesn’t show too much information:


Hi Eric,

any news about this topic??


Hi Antonio,

Apologies for the late reply.

Indeed there is not much in the changelog so the theory I had before is not what happened here. I tried to look into it more but I don’t see another situation where this could occur.
However, there is one thing I’d like to clarify: we can see that the issue was created on the 20th, which means an analysis happened on that day. So notifications would be sent on the 20th, not the 21st as you said in your initial post.

This is pretty old by now, would you have a more recent case when it happened again?