How to get notification for new bug on master branch?

Hi, recently someone merged a PR to master with a bug, overriding a bug that was detected by SonarQube analysis of the PR branch and that failed a github quality gate.
We didn’t notice for a few days because we don’t actively monitor SQ results for master.

Is there a way to get notification when SonarQube detects new bugs in master branch?

I configured an email server on our SonarQube server today, previously just used github notifications for SQ analysis of PR branches, so maybe SQ already notifies for new bugs on master. I don’t want to introduce a new bug to test it.

SonarQube Developer Edition Version 9.2.4 (build 50792)
I know we should update to latest, but we are dependent on an admin team to do it

Now that I have configured an email server on SonarQube, I am getting email notification when a bug is found on a release branch and again when the branch goes back to green.


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