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(Dan Shoubridge) #1

Olivier Gaudin asked that I post here:

Hi, I would like to trial sonar cloud by hooking it up to our Azure DevOps repos, however when I try to login, I get the below message, and there doesn’t seem to be any other way to sign up independently:

Request Id: 96473879-dcc7-48b6-afc4-87b183ce8200
Correlation Id: 40700737-bb9e-4bce-ba76-bf3be0ac5140
Timestamp: 2019-02-19T13:21:56Z

Message: AADSTS50020: User account ‘’ from identity provider ‘live.com’ does not exist in tenant ‘SonarSource’ and cannot access the application ‘0cd6ff8b-c8a8-4ab6-8f60-516f5bc5354a’ in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active Directory user account.

(Julien Lancelot) #2

Hi Dan,

It seems that your Azure account is not a work or a school one.
Do you confirm ?

Julien Lancelot

(Dan Shoubridge) #3

Its part of the account associated with my Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription. We are currently evaluating Azure DevOps and Sonar Cloud (+ others) to determine if it is a viable solution for the rest of the business.

So it is used for Work, and I want to pay after the evaluation (assuming I can get it to work as 14 days won’t be long enough)… that is until we need to get an Azure Enterprise agreement with Microsoft, then will probably need to switch accounts.

When I login, with my work email (for MS account), I get asked if I want to use a work account or personal, the work one has never worked for some reason, so I guess it is not a “work” account.

(Julien Lancelot) #4

Ok, then it seems that this account is not supported by the Microsoft lib we’re using to do the authentication.
The only way is to use another account type.

(Dan Shoubridge) #5

Thanks, I’ve done that and am signed up now.

(Julien Lancelot) #6

Good to know that you’ve solved your issue !