SonarCloud with Azure DevOps error

We host our private project on Azure DevOps and would like to try out SonarCloud. I see that you offer a 14-day trial period. Can you please provide us with instructions on how to enable that trial period?
What we tried thus far, was to log in with a Microsoft account and received the following error:

Request Id: 31fbef47-164d-4676-857f-7fcd90064700 
Correlation Id: 7970678c-acc2-42bb-b13c-2c041624360f 
Timestamp: 2018-12-23T15:29:15Z 
Message: AADSTS50020: User account '[]' from identity 
provider '[](' does not exist in tenant 'SonarSource' and cannot access the 
application '0cd6ff8b-c8a8-4ab6-8f60-516f5bc5354a' in that tenant. The account needs to be added 
as an external user in the tenant first. Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active 
Directory user account.

Hi Ugljesa,

In order to be able to authenticate on SonarCloud using your Microsoft account, your account need to be a work account.
Is it the case ?

Julien Lancelot

Hi Julien,

Yes, I’ve used my work account (the one in this email). However, are accounts are provisioned by Google i.e. GSuite. Can this be a problem?

The company web site is:


Ugljesa Novak


Unfortunately, it’s not possible for the moment to authenticate on SonarCloud using an account provided by

Thanks for your understanding.
Julien Lancelot