Can't access sonarcloud using Azure DevOps SSO

Same issue that many other users have faced on a thread that has been closed.

When trying to sign in using Azure DevOps SSO, I get the error message below:

Sorry, but we couldn’t verify your authorization to access this page.
When we tried, here’s what the provider said:
You can’t sign up because login ‘’ is already used by an existing user.

Apparently something has to be done on sonar’s end to fix this.

Let me know if you need more info.



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What’s the username you’re trying to sign in with?



Thanks for your reply.

Is there a way that I can provide this information privately, so I don’t have to post my email address publicly?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve hidden your deleted post so non-admins can’t read it, but I extracted the juicy bits first, so I think we’re good. Now it’s just waiting for the folks with the right access to work through the queue to you.


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Thanks G Ann :slightly_smiling_face:

Any idea how long this would normally take?


Hi Caio,

We’ve just reorganized internally. This is still on the list, but I think that’s the holdup.


Hi Caio, welcome to the community!

In order to solve your login issue, we can delete your account. Can you confirm we can proceed with this option?


Yes please.