Unable to login using Azure DevOps account after a tenant migration

After a tenant migration on Azure, my team and myself are not able to log in to Sonarcloud anymore, we get the following error message : “Sorry, but we couldn’t verify your authorization to access this page.”.

The link with Azure DevOps seems to work because we still manage to run Sonarcloud scans as usual.

Would it be possible to fix it for me and for all the members of my organization please ?

Thank you !

Hello @djuulien,

I will contact you in private in order to get more details to simplify the investigation.
Thank you,

Any update ? We still cannot access Sonarcloud…

All the users are fixed except for my account, can you please switch the tenant of my account please ?


The user still got the same problem. He can’t access any pages of sonarcloud.io after login in. Even deleting his own account by himself to recreate one is impossible. We were wondering if you could do it on your end.
I’m available if more information is needed.

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Up ! Please the user is still unable to use SonarCloud !

Hey @djuulien

My colleauge @Florian_Thoni sent a private mesasge to you on April 3rd and didn’t get a response. Can you check your private messages and return to him so the investigation can continue?

Hello @Colin,

I answered Florian and I’m waiting for his feedback.
I am still unable to use SonarCloud with my Azure DevOps account :frowning:


Hello @Colin @Florian_Thoni

I am still unable to use Sonarcloud, can you please help me ?


I’ll follow-up.