UI bugs in Issues page date filter?

We migrated to 9.7 SQ and can see the OWASP Top 10 2021 vulnerabilities.
But the SQ 9.7 shows some UI bugs on Issue filters

. Please guide us how to resolve this or any workaround. Thanks,


I moved your comment out of the OWASP Top 10 2021 discussion because I don’t see the link between it and your feedback.

Can you clarify what’s the “UI bugs on Issue filters” you are talking about? I don’t get it.


Thanks Alex,
Here are the UI issues on the SQ 9.7-

  1. I can’t select the Year/Month on the Calendar For issue creation end date. The UI blocks to select the year/month/date. I tried on different browsers, but all shows the same- can’t go enough right scroll to select year or month or day.
  2. When I click on Bug/Vulnerability/CodeSmell, the issue Create Date keeps (decreasing) changing.
  3. Even an issue is resolved or closed, the Status counts show 0 Closed, Resolved, etc… The no. does not match


Hi, any update about those UI issues? Thanks,

Hey @Zia

Does the issue persist on SonarQube v9.8? If I recall, we fixed a bug around date selection.

Thanks, Colin for your response.

So, based on your response, I would need to upgrade our SQ 9.7 to SQ 9.8 to see the fixes of the UI issues.

Sounds good to me.

Thank you much.