In Sonarqube 7.0 value of Leak Period measures is different from UI to Issue details

I am using Sonarqube 7.0 Community Edition build 36138 and when I analyze a project and in the main dashboard it shows, for example, in the Leak Period values:

  • 10 New Bugs
  • 20 New Vulnerabilities
    and I click in one of them, it redirects to the Issues page and shows me different values, for example:
  • 20 Bugs
  • 30 Vulnerabilities
    with the Leak Period filter in Creation Date section marked.

¿Why is it possible?
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How about some screenshots?


2019-11-14_144020 2019-11-14_144109

Sorry for the delay in answer you @ganncamp

In the screenshots it’s possible to see that when in the first one, the main dashboard of the project shows 14 New Bugs, when I click on this link, in the “Issues” page it shows me what is shown in the second screenshot, 23 Bugs

The weird thing is that in the same Sonarqube instance, with other projects, values in dashboard and in details Issues or Measures pages are the same, but in another projects don’t.

I think this bug happens when I make several analysis from one version to another taking into account the previous version, because in another project, when I make the analysis from a particular date (not the previous version) it doesn’t happen.

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I have a vague memory of some bugginess (no pun intended) in the Issues page date filter. The SonarQube version you’re on has some age on it at this point. I wonder if you could upgrade to the latest version (currently 8.0; 8.1 expected mid-month), re-analyze and see if the problem persists?


I have seen what’s the problem.
In the same Sonarqube version (7.0), with another project, after doing the analysis it shows me in the overview 1 New Bug and 1 New Vulnerabilty.
The last analysis is comparing the latest version (1.66.75) from 05 December with the previous version (1.66.73) from 19 September.

In the Issues page I see that it appears 3 new Bugs and 3 new Vulnerabilities, and the point is that 2 of the Bugs and 2 of the Vulnerabilities are created on 19 September, and it should show only the latest, created correctly on 05 December:

The question is why Sonarqube is showing as new bugs or new vulnerabilities in the Issues page issues created in the last 3 months, and in the overview it only takes into account the issues created in the new code.
I think that’s the problem: in the Overview and on Measures page it shows as new issues, new issues created on really new code, but on Issues page, it shows as new bugs or vulnerabilities new issues created both on new and old code