SonarQube tracking old issues under new issues section

I’m using the SonarQube for the past 6 months. SonarQube 7.0 and Sonarscanner version 3.2

My leak period value is set to previous_version by default

I usually ran the analysis on weekly basis. For the past two weeks, the count is new code section is 0. On this week, the new count jumps to 30. Surprisingly 28 bugs are found in the files which was 2 months old. Not even single line changes occurred in these file. Not sure how this bug is occurring.

Note : I have not excluded any files.


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There’s very little to go on here. It is quite possible to have new issues raised in old code if you upgraded your analyzers. BTW, we did significant work in the 7.x series to properly backdate such issues. 7.0 has some age on it at this point and is past EOL. You should upgrade to the current version, 8.1, or at least the current LTS, 7.9.2, at your earliest convenience.