Newly code issue display with use leak periods

Version 6.7.2

We have a legacy codebase. we want to identify newly committed code or new updated code.

We have tried with leak periods.
First Set Leak Periods BASELINE then after set sonar.projectVersion=BASELINE run sonar-runner.
display all code issue.

After set sonar.projectVersion=DEVELOPMENT and run again then display some legacy code files.

Can help me on this we need to see only newly code issue.

Thanks in advance.


SonarQube is going to report all issues all the time. The question is which lines and issues show up as “new” (i.e. featured in the yellow bar on the right of the project homepage, yellow highlight in the code viewer, …).

What you describe with your version strings should work properly. What bad/unexpected behavior are you seeing related to issues/code reported as new?