Is it possible to get the previous new lines of code information before the baseline

Hi Community,

We were implementing sonarqube for one project on 25-Mar-2022 which was the first build. We set new code leak period for last 60 days. In sonarqube activity tab , the new code period start here tag is showing at 25-Mar . But we committed a lot of new lines in the month of Feb-22. Is it possible or is there any feature in sonarqube to get the last 60 days from the bitbucket repository instead of considering the 25-Mar for new lines of code.

we are using sonarqube community edition 8.9.6
Is we need to upgrade sonarqube for this case?


Hey there.

If you really want to do this, with a fresh (never before analyzed) project you could manually scan a former commit as a baseline and pass sonar.projectDate as an analysis parameter, and then resume your normal scans.

Hi Colin,

The sonar.projectDate is used when the date is available in the Sonarqube project Activity correct?. But in our case the first activity for the project is on 25-mar-22. Is it possible to get the Feb month new code details for the project?