Difference in leak measure values between overview and issues pages

Versions used

  • SonarQube 6.7.5 LTS

Error observed

  • Given a quality gate including a condition of critical issues over leak period, the analyzed project reports a different number of Critical Issues on the leak period in the issues page.

I’ve found several related issues:

If it’s a bug related with the filtering of issues in the issues page, is there any workaround to put the focus on the real leak-period issues?


Hey @jmcubel,

It might be an Index inconsistency. You should start first rebuilding it and see how it goes:

  1. Stop SonarQube
  2. Delete the data/es6 directory
  3. Restart SonarQube

Be careful, it might take time.

You might also fall into the issue described into SONAR-8425: When Leak period is a number of days, leak of issues is not correctly computed. Is your leak period defines this way?
On recent versions of SQ (8.x) this bug is no longer relevant. Though I think it is still possible on 7.9 LTS. Anyway, you should consider upgrading to one of these 2 versions (LTS or latest), 6.7 is EOL.


Hi @Antoine

Deleting data/es5 directory and restarting sonarqube didn’t solve the problem.
The number of issues is still misaligned in overview and issues page.

The leak period is defined is a custom date, so the problem must be the one described in SONAR-8425.

Thanks for the info.