Project Issues not shown when filtered by Creation Date

Hi All

I am using sonarqube Developer Edition Version 8.9.6 (build 50800)
I aml trying to list project issues filtered by Creation Date

Did anyone face this issue :
The issues web interface doesn’t display issues, it says 0 of 7,941 shown for exaample even when I click Show More
The same things happens using createdAt filter.
All other filters work properly
The logs do not say anything and the Elastic Search indices are fine ( checked with Elastic HQ )

Thank you in advance


It sounds like something is wrong with your Elasticsearch index – this is a well known symptom.

I would suggest deleting your Elasticsearch indices (data/es7) and restarting your SonarQube instance. This would be the first necessary troubleshooting step.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the answer, I have already tried deleting data/es7 and restarting the instance with no help

The web log shows:

ERROR web[AYMJegqG26nK1woiAF4c][o.e.d.s.a.b.h.DateHistogramAggregationBuilder] [interval] on [date_histogram] is deprecated, use [fixed_interval] or [calendar_interval]

I am not sure if it is related to the issue we are facing

Hello @mbenboukthir ,

You are most likely encountering a known bug: [SONAR-16251] - Jira. Please upgrade to the latest version of SonarQube, which is 9.6. See Download | SonarQube.

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Hello Joe,

Thank you !

We have upgraded sonar to latest LTS Released On October 18, 2022. The issue is still there

2022.10.27 10:40:40 ERROR web[AYQYlcyhxAXnVgA6AAB6][o.e.d.s.a.b.h.DateHistogramAggregationBuilder] [interval] on [date_histogram] is deprecated, use [fixed_interval] or [calendar_interval] in the f

We had to move out of LTS to make it work ( Version 9.7 (build 61563))

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