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Is there a way I can get issues date wise ?

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You can get issues sorted by Creation Date (date of code committed if SCM data is enabled for the project scans):

(see left hand side for “Creation Date”)

If that does not suffice, please consider usage of the Web API (see footer link at the bottom of every SonarQube page or go to the :question: icon next to the search box in the top right hand corner and click on it to get to Web API documentation). You can try using these endpoints (click on “Show internal API” endpoints for more endpoints, these are subject to change more so than the non-internal API endpoints):

  • GET api/issues/changelog (Display changelog of an issue.)
  • GET api/issues/search (you can search by createdAfter, createdAt, createdBefore, createdInLast, facets=createdAt

Those should help you. What kind of date did you need?


Hello joe ,

Thanks . Is there a way I can get issue count for each day ? Like a history view. ?

Yes there is. Please see my screenshot in my earlier post. There are date fields you can pick from and you can click on the blue rectangle to “zoom” in on a date span. Each time you click on the blue rectangle it will zoom in from year to month to week to day.

If you need to customize further, use the web API. Here’s another way to search for it using combination of createdAfter and createdBefore:


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Thanks a lot . This helps

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